Back to the Workshop: Making another mosaic

Obsession or Passion, there’s a fine line which and can sometimes be hard to define; either way I am ‘passionate’ about mosaics and am embarking on another design.

As you can see I have only drawn the net insofar. This aspect of the process of making a mosaic is perhaps the most important, without it you have to create the piece free hand  which, if you’re going for a geometric pattern as I favour, is difficult.  Especially as in geometric designs a sense of symmetry is important to the overall composition. For anyone who wants to make such a mosaic a ruler, set square and compass are necessities.


My next design

This design is strives to be a little more ambitious, with an interlacing guilloche pattern, rather than a single row, and a larger array of patterns. The sort of border style I’m going for is similar to this example of a mosaic from the  Museum of Art & History in Cinquantinaire park, Brussels.


An interlacing border design, photographed in the Museum of Art & History, Cinquantenaire Park, Brussels, Belgium

In my design the central section will be different featuring a central bowl with flowers flowing out from within, the best illustration I have of the sort of effect I am going for is this example from Chedworth Roman Villa, Gloucestershire, UK.


A flower scroll originating from a bowl (out of shot) photographed at Chedworth Roman Villa, Gloucestershire, England

With this said I’ll leave the rest unexplained for now, nor shall I go into detail about the colours I’m planning to use.  Life is always a little better for some mystery

So now the fun bit starts, hopefully I’ll be able to show the finished product soon.

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