An ancient British Masterpiece: The Battersea Shield

I appear to have rambled on about mosaics a lot recently,  and I’m certain to continue later although I’m not obsessed honestly…,  but I thought that I might take a few minutes out to praise something else.   So here is one of my favourite items from the British museum, the Battersea shield.

Battersea Shield

 Dating to the Iron Age, from around 350-50BC it is simply a beautiful example of Iron Age art with its exquisite coils and voluptuous curves.  This artefact is clearly made for its artistic appeal and its likely ceremonial consequences. I may demonstrate my love for Roman or classical art all the time however I must admit that I also adore native British style. The lines are just so organic and vibrant it just exudes awe for nature. With this in mind I plan to do a much more British design in my next mosaic, although I have another mosaic to finish first!

A  list of future designs appears to be constantly growing and with a trip to the British Museum and the Pompeii exhibition hopefully coming soon, I’m sure that inspiration for that list will only get longer.    I’m not completely mad for mosaics and I do have some museum reviews and different content to come soon,  or maybe do I protest to much?


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