Mad for Mosaics? My latest creation.

Once more into the breach my friends, once more!  Yes that’s right it has been full steam ahead in the workshop this week and so I present to you another mosaic creation.


Start of another creation

This design strives to blend native British style with the more obvious classicism of the mosaic. To do this the central panel utilises the somewhat slightly abstracted famous triple tailed horse that appeared on many late Iron Age coins in Britain.


The border details represent the more classical elements of this design as well as the medium of its creation.  It is often the case that Roman Britain is perceived as a place where everyone lived and breathed a classical life mirroring those in the ancient city of Rome. However the reality is that British cultural traditions did continue.  Whilst some would have undoubtedly changed, many others altered slightly whilst others stayed the same in their entirety.  In Roman Britain, native British religious traditions and gods were sometimes portrayed through classical sculpture and so this is my interpretation of that Romano-British marriage in mosaic form.       I also did it because i thought it looked nice



Finally here is the piece finished and grouted.  I tend to grout my mosaics in batches as it can be a rather messy process, nevertheless the grout I used was a beige grout. It tends to lighten up the design and really completes it.


My completed and grouted mosaic (sorry about the rotated photo, it keeps flipping back)

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