A work in progress

Work has begun on my biggest project to date, a mosaic table. It has long been an aspiration to create a larger more complex design however I have been devoid of a medium for such a creation, until recently when I spotted this table at an antiques and flea market.  The table was a bit tired and distressed thus in need of some care and attention so I thought it would make a perfect candidate to be refurbished and decorated in mosaic.

Table in progress 1

Having a black finish, I was able to draw my design on in white pencil and I designed it in three sections in order to follow the tables form; the table is an occasional table with two folding wings. Therefore I have decided to place distinct designs within those sections so that when the table is finished, it will not look diminished if one of the wings is obscured by being folded down(as is in the photo) to save space. However, when both sections are up the design should run in to each other to create a grander scheme,  or at least that is the hope.

For the table I took inspiration from the idea of the seasons, in particular from the personifications of winter and summer from the dining room seasons mosaic at Chedworth Roman Villa in Gloucestershire, so I started with winter…

Table in progress 2

The personification of winter came out quite well, however its not until the background and surrounding details are added, (seen in the photo below) that the design really comes together.

Table in progress 4.2

So far so good, but its still a work in progress

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