Elements of Design

When imaging and creating a mosaic there are a large variety of motifs and designs one can choose from to create an authentically classical style, but  for anyone out there who has seen many of my mosaic’s there is a clear predominance of the ‘guillouche’ patterns. To me this interweaving pattern has long been an icon of Romano-British art. Nevertheless I am well aware that there is more to mosaics than just that pattern so I have been trying to look at other patterns utilised in Roman mosaics with the hope of expanding my repertoire, thus I have collected together a number of motifs from mosaics and books and drew them out for future reference in new creations.


Hopefully this will work as a quick reference for ideas of different motifs to include rather than falling into the same pattern of using the same designs over and over. Indeed, a number of the above shapes may be good candidates for coaster designs.

In particular I rather liked the 8 lozenge star pattern so i decided to use it immediately.  It is an easily replicable motif but has looks surprisingly effective, so I have made a set of coasters using this motif as a gift this Christmas. Hopefully it will go down well with the recipient.

Merry Christmas.




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