My Roman Coin Gallery

Like many a budding numismatist identifying coins has become more than just a job and so I’ve began to acquire my own collection.

A Denarius of Vespasian, dated AD 70.  Maybe a little worn by my first and favourite.

A Denarius of Vespasian, dated AD 70.

Septimius Severus

Vrbs Roma

Hadrian 134-138 AD

Hadrian 134-138 AD

One thought on “My Roman Coin Gallery

  1. Roman coin collecting can be a great hobby for people of any age. If you are not too fussy about the condition of the specimens you collect it doesn’t even have to be expensive either! I was 11 when my dad first bought me my first Roman coin (a 4th century bronze follis of Constantine the Great) and that was the start of a live long love of many branches of ancient coin collecting. This later took me into the area of paranumismatics (i.e. tokens, checks and tallies etc.). This field is still less well studied than main stream numismatics and offers coin, history and archaeology enthusiasts a vast range of different avenues to explore and get their teeth into.

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